4th and 5th grade students at Shorewood Hills Elementary School in Madison Metropolitan Schools, WI studied lego as an example of a company that engages in gender marketing to children. Students created presentations by gathering data on the way gender and culture are represented in lego sets.  One fifth grade student proposed that we re-create the "What it is is beautiful" ad from 1981 to show lego how 'diversity is perfect.'  Students hope to  convince lego and other toy companies to represent and celebrate more cultures in their mini figures, free of stereotypes.  Students ask that boys and girls be included in all lego sets showing their full human potential, be it as firefighters, bakers, police officers, or friends.

Shorewood Hills Elementary School has been developing and practicing curriculum from Welcoming Schools and Gender Spectrum which focuses on family diversity, ally behavior, gender expansive classrooms and anti-bias curriculum.